Lexington Hills

Lexington Hills
Shelli Daylong


Eagle, ID


Lexington Hills is one of the most desirable and established subdivisions in the City of Eagle. It contains 634 homes on 330 acres with over 44 acres of common areas that include green, open areas, mature trees, and three miles of walking paths. Common area amenities also include a basketball court, picnic areas and many waterfalls and ponds stocked with fish.

Dues/Irrigation/Transfer Fee Info

HOA dues are billed quarterly at $154.00 per quarter. There is a transfer fee of $300.00 for all changes of ownership. Irrigation dues are billed annually and range from $159.39 to $350.18, depending on the Lot size.



March & April Lexington Hills Board Meeting Summary

Please ensure your dogs are not a nuisance to other Lexington Hills residents and animals. Dogs must be properly restrained and under owner control at all times per the Lexington Hills CC&Rs. Eagle City Code requires a leash no longer than 8 feet in length.


**Update: March 19, 2018** A professional surveyor has placed stakes and markers along common areas located near Stonybrook Ct. These markings are part of the pond and waterway rebuild project taking place in that area and help our contractors to avoid homeowner property. Additional markers have been added to delineate common area property lines prior to the start of mowing and irrigation season. Please do not tamper with them. Thank you!**


6-28-17 REMINDER: Although our waterways may look tempting on a hot day, these are NOT recreational ponds and streams. Absolutely NO swimming or wading is allowed. This can damage the pond liner and cost the HOA money to repair. Additionally, our ponds are all quite deep and treated with chemicals on a regular basis, making them unsafe for people and pets. 


For after-hours irrigation issues (i.e. main line breaks), please call (208) 576-4911. Please note low pressure, broken sprinkler heads, water hitting the pathways, etc. do not constitute an emergency and should be reported to Development Services at (208) 939-6000 during regular business hours Monday through Friday.  

The Lexington Hills HOA is only responsible for repairs to Common Area sprinklers and lines.  Issues determined to be homeowner's responsibility will be billed to homeowner.  Thank you!


Board of Directors/Officers: Mary May-President, Dan Zacharda-Vice President, Bob Smith-Secretary, Tammy Conrad-Treasurer, Lowell Hursh-Director, Randy George-Director, and Kevin Cassidy-Director 

HOA Board meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm at Development Services, Inc. If you would like to attend a Board meeting please let Shelli know ahead of time. Shelli can be reached at 208-939-6000 or email shelli@dev-services.com 








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