HOA Managment

DSI provides a variety of services for residential homeowner’s associations. Listed below are some of the services offered:


  1. Provide a convenient meeting room for board meetings.
  2. Primary contact for all homeowners in subdivision during regular business hours (9 am to 5 pm, Mon – Fri).
  3. Maintain current billing addresses for homeowners.
  4. Provide residents with a method of conveying opinions, incidents, and annoyances to the HOA board during regular business hours. We will request that all CC&R violations be reported in writing so that we can properly convey information to the Board. We will keep the name of the person reporting the violation confidential.
  5. Obtain quotes for liability and D & O Insurance for Association and present information to Board.
  6. Obtain bids for vendor contracts and present information to Board.
  7. Order postage, checks, stationary, envelopes as needed. Not included is the cost of office supplies, copies, postage, stationary, envelopes, etc.

CC&R Violations

  1. Drive through entire subdivision to confirm CC&R violations.
  2. Write letters on CC&R’s violations and follow up in accordance with the provisions of the CC&R or at the direction of the Board. Architectural Control Committee issues are NOT included in this area.
  3. Animal issues (i.e. barking dogs, etc.) will need to be handled through Animal Control.


  1. Invoice homeowners for regular assessments as provided in the CC&R’s. Special assessment invoices will be charged at an hourly rate.
  2. Receive payments and make deposits at bank.
  3. Prepare monthly statements for invoicing, assess finance charges and provide reasonable collection of dues from homeowners. Demand letters and preparation, filing and extensions of liens and/or small claims are extra.
  4. Prepare information on lot closings to title companies.
  5. Accounts payable as needed.
  6. Provide HOA Board with monthly financials.
  7. Reconcile all bank/investment accounts.
  8. Coordinate with accountant and auditor for tax returns and annual audit. Preparation of Federal and State tax returns are extra.
  9. Work with the Board in preparing the annual budget.
  10. Monitor Reserve Accounts Balances.
  11. Monitor investments for HOA.
  12. When CDs are due, research all banks for CD rates and provide info to the board.

Board Meetings/Annual Meeting

  1. Attend board meetings, maximum one hour time (if needed).
  2. Prepare for and attend one annual/special homeowner’s association meeting.

This list is not all inclusive and can be tailored to your association needs. If you would like more information on our services or would like a proposal for the management of your association please email us or phone at 939-6000.


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